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Thanks to our experience, you will open a business in no time. We will help you make the right choices and guide you through all the formalities. We will do it for free if you agree to use our accounting services for at least a month.

Completion of all registration formalities

Your own accountant and HR specialist

Online documents and financial reports

Common questions

1 How much is your help?

Setting up a company is 100% free if you agree to a month of cooperation with us in the field of accounting using any package. However, if you are interested only in helping to register your business, you will pay from 300 to 600 PLN net, according to the Price List.

2 How long will I wait for a call?

We try to call you back as soon as possible. It happens that we call back 5 minutes after the notification. As a rule, contact with the accountant takes place on the same day.

3 Am I obliged to do something after clicking Order?

No, after clicking "Order" you will be contacted by an accountant who will discuss the details of possible cooperation. Talking to an accountant does not oblige you to do anything. You will decide on your own whether you want to use our help.

4 Am I bound by any contract?

Assistance in setting up a business does not oblige you to continue using our services. However, if you decide to work with us for at least a month in the field of accounting, we will conduct the process of establishing a company for free. After one month, you can cancel without any obligations.

5 Can I count on further support after setting up a business?

Yes, if you want, we will run the accounting and HR and payroll documentation of your company after setting up the company. You can count on the support of an accountant, HR or legal advisor.  

6 What are the subsequent costs?

Accounting service packages for sole proprietorships start from PLN 150 net per month. In the case of full accounting, it is a cost of PLN 330 net per month. More details can be found in the Price List tab. Price List tab.

Our other services

We support all areas that make up a prospering company.

By using several of our services at the same time, you will pay less.

Our specialists constitute a team - they work more efficiently together.

Accounting services

We will conduct your accounting with the greatest care. You will focus on the development of your own company, while we will take care of the correct settlement of your finances.

HR services

We offer comprehensive personnel services for companies. We also provide payroll services and representation before offices.

Order an interview with an accountant

Use the form below and our accountant will contact you as soon as possible, explain the details and, if you wish, start the process of establishing a company.